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It's always a good idea to protect yourself and co-workers by getting the seasonal vaccine. 

Influenza Biosecurity Recommendations for Producers
These recommendations should be followed to help protect animal and worker health.

Litter-Rearing Environment and Early Exposure May Affect Sow Productivity
Can the litter size that a gilt was raised in affect her lifetime productivity as a sow? And, does age at first boar exposure limit her potential parities? These were questions addressed in a Pork Checkoff-funded study led by Dr. William Flowers at North Carolina State University.

Learn more about the plan for Influenza Virus Surveillance in Pigs and how to participate.

Practical Ideas to Address High Feed and Production Costs
Here you will find tips and recommendations compiled by the Pork Checkoff from pork producers, academics, researchers and allied industry to help reduce the cost of inputs in pork production.

Export Product Withdrawal Information for all antimicrobials, including specifics for Russia and Japan.

Science & Technology

The mission of the Pork Checkoff's science and technology department is to provide the scientific support for identifying and addressing issues affecting the health, safety and quality of the pork industry's animals, products or people. Broad areas of responsibility include pork quality, environment, food safety, swine health, animal welfare and producer health and safety.

The activities of the department include:

  • Developing the technical components of educational messages for producers on food safety, pork quality, animal care, swine health and public health,
  • Direct technical communications with producers, packers, processors, retailers and foodservice workers,
  • Identifying research needs and soliciting and overseeing research projects,
  • Communicating with academia/researchers,
  • Communicating with agricultural and other media, and
  • Communicating with government agencies.

Each year the science and technology department solicits research proposals from universities and other research institutions. The proposals are reviewed by a panel of scientific experts and then are evaluated by five Pork Checkoff producer committees. These committees representing the areas of Swine Health, Pork Safety, Animal Science, Environment, and Animal Welfare make the final approval recommendations for proposals in their respective areas. The approved proposals are then submitted to the National Pork Board for funding with checkoff dollars.

For more information on the science and technology department, read about accomplishments since 2006.

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